Bud Light

‘Aluminium’ is not what you would usually say to a vending machine. Nor would you usually get something for free by saying ‘Aluminium’ in an American accent. But in the case of Vayner Media’s ad to introduce Bud Light to the UK, the Bud Light vending machine (well actually producer Xavier and creative Chris hiding behind it) decided whether or not the eager consumer was allowed a free can of Bud Light.

Client: Bud Light | Director: Michael J Ferns | Agency: Vayner Media
Agency Creatives: Chris Rush
Agency Production: Xavier Boivin

C&G Happy Song

All that the creatives at BETC and C&G Baby Club needed to solve the age-old question ‘What makes babies happy?’, was a couple of baby psychologists, one Grammy award-winning musician and well, babies.
Running over 6 months this documentary style campaign followed 25 babies through the three stages of the research project at Goldsmith’s university.
The film team was there every rocky step of the way, documenting new discoveries, excited conversations and laughing (and sometimes crying) babies as they were happening in reality TV style.

Imogen Heap – the Grammy award-winning musician – then took the results of the research and composed the ultimate song to make babies happy. And the outcome has been 750 million people viewing the campaign, worldwide exposure including Fox News and CNN and, most importantly, laughing babies.

To watch the Making of` video, click here.

Client: C&G Baby Club | Director: Michael J Ferns | Agency: BETC
Agency Creatives: Ciara O’Meara, James Briggs
Agency Production: Jo Dillon, Kate Gibson

Internet Matters Cyberbullying TVC

Bullying isn’t just calling other children names in the playground anymore. With everyone on social media and children having access to smartphones, bullying doesn’t stop even when you’re safe in your own room.

We were asked to create an advert to highlight the awareness of bullying through social media by the agency Table 19. Their great work with the charity Internet Matters highlights online safety awareness and advises parents on the dangers of online abuse.

A simple execution with a powerful punch. The ad started circulating on TV channels in June. It was great to work with Table 19 again and for such a great cause.

Client: Internet Matters | Director: Michael J Ferns | Agency: Table 19
Agency Creatives: Graham Wall / Reuben Mychaleckyi / Michael Datchens
Agency Production: Emily Pierce / Sam Rhodes

BMW April Fools

Fake news. We hate it. But each year, when April 1st comes around we get tricked by friends, family and advertising and we love it.

This year we had the pleasure to con the world by teaming up with BMW to create their latest annual spoof ad. BMW’s history of April Fools Day averts have been running for over 30 years (so no pressure then…!) and this year they wanted to bring the experience of driving to your pets. We teamed up with FCB Inferno to create a luxurious dog basket that gives a dog the feeling of the open road in the comfort of their living room. The ad was a roaring success and was a pick on Adweek, but more importantly we got to play with several dogs (and a cat) so everyone was a winner!

Client: BMW | Director: Ed Salkeld | Agency: FCB Inferno
Agency Creatives: Vivien Decome / Al Young / Neil Durber
Agency Production: Kate Mahoney / Barnaby Kelly / Laura Kelly

Island Oasis

Fresh fruit, crushed ice and a fat American pretending to be Spanish… With this 90s infomercial style ad, Kerry and Vayner Media wanted to show the world (in Spain) how frozen cocktails are done. And it doesn’t matter there were some technical issues or we couldn’t afford to pay Antonio Banderas.
Even though not really Spanish, wannabe sexy bartender Tito shows us just how easy it is to make the perfect Frozen cocktail thanks to the Island Oasis blender. And his ‘pathión’ makes up for what he lacks elsewhere.

Client: Kerry – Island Oasis | Director: Gille Klabin | Agency: Vayner Media
Agency Creatives: Matthew Markham / Ian Gambier
Agency Production: Zsuzsanna Simon

Natwest – We Can Do This

Kids these days are always getting stick for being mollycoddled, so we thought it would only be fair let them show us what they’re really made of which. Which is why we concocted an evil plan to get our 12-year old-star-of-the-show to jump off a 5-meter high diving board – (despite the crew proclaiming you’d never catch them up there!)

Ah we joke, alas…no one was made to walk the plank and the truth is far more dreary.

We had great fun with this one, providing in-house creative to convey the past and future of RBS through the story of a beautiful Grandfather and Granddaughter relationship. Plus, we got to work once again with our lovely client and super duper team. All round pats on the back and cheers for everyone!

Client: RBS – Beth Baker | Director: Brock Neal-Roberts
DOP: Charlie Herranz
Producer: Laura Northover